Burger Bros.

It was a hectic first week of school, but we were so proud. The Labor Day Weekend before, we had hosted guests from out of town and the whole family pitched in to clean and ready the house, cook food, entertain and still prepare for school. And the week was hectic. New schedules, new schools and new teachers. And busy Dad and busy Mom, and busy Grandparents! Our oldest started 8th grade and our youngest started Kindergarten, including riding the bus for the very first time. So when Friday came, we wanted a break and our middle one suggested “someplace new… with burgers.” And as per protocol I hopped on Yelp and came across a spot in Towson I’ve been interested in trying, Burger Bros.

This was a classic burger joint, with the smells of patties sizzling on the grill, hot, fresh fries and even chicken wings wafting through the place. College kids from nearby Towson University, families with small children and local residents enjoying the Feet on the Street out in front mingled, placed orders and sat to feast. We ended up going with the classics, bacon cheeseburgers, wings and a Monster sized bucket of fries. It was a perfect night to cap off a wonderful, if not hectic start to the school year.

Burger Bros 01Burger Bros 03Burger Bros 02Burger Bros 04


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