Rusty Scupper

When I think of the Inner Harbor, I picture a few of our iconic images. I see our World Trade Center, I picture the greenhouse roof triangle and neon waves of our National Aquarium. I think of the huge guitar at Hard Rock and I imagine the silhouette of Domino Sugars. But across the water, reflecting red on the night water is always Rusty Scupper.

It is one of the places that makes me think of my brother, Mik. As stated and reminisced over and over again on this chronicle, my memories in time and of people are often connected with food. And today we added to the collection. This weekend my sister-in-law Vero invited our families together to celebrate two birthdays, her hubs of just over a year (my brother) and her mom. What I didn’t realize until yesterday when talking to my brother on the phone, was that Sunday’s was Rusty Scupper’s Jazz Brunch. A buffet!

Rusty Scupper 13


Rusty Scupper 01

Of course I started taking pictures of the desserts first.

Rusty Scupper 02

There were also shucked raw oysters.

Rusty Scupper 03

And a carving station with awesome prime rib.

Rusty Scupper 04Rusty Scupper 05

More desserts before actually getting vegetables.

Rusty Scupper 06Rusty Scupper 07

Of course tons of fresh seafood.

Rusty Scupper 08

There was shrimp & scallop mac and cheese, biscuits with sausage gravy, broiled catfish.

Rusty Scupper 09

Shrimp omelette!

Rusty Scupper 10Rusty Scupper 11

Coconut crusted chicken, more seafood mac & cheese, even a Belgian waffle bar with all the fixins.

Rusty Scupper 12DSC_0712

This was severely enjoyed.


Happy birthday celebrants!


This of course reminded me of the last time we had pictures of us three brothers here. From today, and from 2011 (!) when Mik became a rocket scientist for the second time!


That time we did not have a buffet, but enjoyed Rusty Scupper’s cuisine nonetheless! I was already taking pictures long before there was a Baltimore Food Chronicle!

Rusty Scupper 15Rusty Scupper 14

There was also a man with a lobster tail and crab cake that just received his food as we were leaving and I really wanted to ask if I could interrupt his first bite so I could take some pictures, but I decided to leave him be.

Don’t forget to check out our Instagram at @baltimorefoodchronicle for some great clips of real jazz! At Baltimore’s Best Jazz Brunch!

Lastly, please feel free to share or repost or save any of these pics. I’d just ask that you give credit.

And really last, Happy Birthday Mik and Susana! And thank you Vero for such a wonderful brunch.



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