Dovecote Cafe

For our entire history, people have gathered at table around food. It is relatively modern for people, especially Americans to eat on the go. I myself frequently do so. Around the world and through time, families, friends and communities have sought company, made connection, nourished their souls as well as their tummies around food. Comfort food. Soul food. Breaking bread.


On a frigid morning this past Saturday, I did just that. Dovecote Café is unassuming from the outside, but rich within. The decoration from the wallpaper to the ceiling ornamentation, the sunlit breakfast nook or the staff upfront that looked like friends or family in the kitchen all gave energy to, and reflected the energy built by this source of connection. Dovecote Café’s Instagram has #communityfirstcafesecond as one of it’s hashtags and it couldn’t be more appropriate. From the friendly woman’s recommendations, to the impromptu discussion of hip hop, A$AP, Solange and Lil’ Wayne, to the warm embrace of sunlight in the nook to the warmth of coffee flowing down to the explosion of flavor palette from my frittata, this is certainly the comforting soul of breaking bread. The frittata I had was packed with flavor, with a serving large enough that even my voracious appetite could not finish it. And while I didn’t get the chance to try any, there was a  beautiful assortment of muffins and breads. I love the fact that there are a variety of changing specials, or that there are even visiting chefs! I only wish I had discovered this haven earlier. It was a warm and welcoming experience, and it is community first indeed.

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