Truffle Butta Bistro

One of Baltimore’s premier chefs is killing it in the kitchen and on social media, and he’s elevated country soul to gourmet status.  The flavors explode and compliment each other, the textures are rich and varied, and his presentation is Instagram perfect.  Chef Ray’s is back on the scene, crispy and clean with Truffle Butta Bistro in the heart of Towson.

“Butter, like butter baby,
Not no Parkay, not no margarine,
Strickly butter baby, strictly butter” – A Tribe Called Quest, “Butter”

Truffle Butta caught my eye on Yelp, with gorgeous pictures of chicken and waffles, shrimp and grits, breakfast burgers and more so the first chance we got, wifey and I took a trip and instantly fell in love.  Tucked away in a cozy spot, our service was welcoming, the food was incredible and Chef Ray was welcoming and personable.  Since our first trip was spontaneous, I only had my phone to take pictures so the other morning we came back only this time with more family in tow.  Once again, Truffle Butta not only exceeded our expectations, but knocked it out of the park.

But I know you didn’t click on this post for my words, so here are the pics.  As always, and in this case completely unneeded, with no filter and no touch ups.  Since my wife raved about them so much, my brother ordered the Chicken and Sweet Potato Waffles, “crispy and juicy deep fried chicken served with a sweet potato infused Belgian waffle.”  You’re killin’ me Ray!  We destroyed it like two hyped brothers and a dog!

Truffle Butta Bistro 01

My sis-in-law gushed over her Shrimp and Grits, and my wife finally ordered my personal favorite, the Crab Cake Benedict.  The kids chowed down on fluffy hotcakes, turkey sausage and scrambled eggs, bacon and we all shared a side of Truffle Mac & Cheese.  Missing the breakfast burritos I used to devour in LA, Chef’s Breakfast Wrap filled me up and fed my soul.

Truffle Butta Bistro 02Truffle Butta Bistro 04Truffle Butta Bistro 03Truffle Butta Bistro 06Truffle Butta Bistro 05

After we ate, my son wanted to shake Chef Ray’s hand, and Chef asked my kids if they wanted to sign the wall.  A teacher of mine always says “if you want to be treated like family, act like family” and that is exactly how we were welcomed.  Thank you family, we’ll definitely be back soon.

Truffle Butta Bistro 07

By the way, I think Chef worked with Frank Ski!!!  (I think?)




One thought on “Truffle Butta Bistro

  1. Best place in town I flew in from Miami, Fl. Just to try it and I was not disappointed. I been following Chef Ray over 8 years he is the best on the game……#TRUFFLEBUTTABISTRO

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