“Collect memories, not things, and enjoy every moment of it.” – Guro Ervin Quinton

Last week my wife took my kids to pick up a gift certificate for my parents’ wedding anniversary, at one of their favorite restaurants.  “Mom!” they exclaimed, “can we eat here too?!  Can they use the gift certificate to take us here?!”  Our kids remember, and are moved by seemingly random events.  But when I think back, and really remember, it is always the connection that they love the most.  It doesn’t matter if it was the pizza place next to their old preschool, or the local town center we sometimes go on Friday nights to listen to music and eat ice cream.  And although it has been a year or more since we had eaten there, BlueStone is definitely a place they remember.  My family loves it here, and even before we moved back to Baltimore they would take us here for dinners.  We’ve had surprise parties here with lots of friends, special occasions with just the family, and many casual brunches or dinners after work.  The atmosphere is light and welcoming, and service is great and the food is delicious.

The BlueStone House Salad Bluestone 04Fried Calamari Bluestone 08 Three Berries & a Mango SaladBluestone 03 Seafood Bake with Pita ChipsBluestone 07Seared YellowfinBluestone 05
Pork Shank Bluestone 02One More Bluestone 06


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