Brown Box Eatery

A few years ago, a friend of mine posted about an opportunity for her “nursing friends” that I asked in curiosity about.  Fast forward a few days and I was a employee at a brand new outpatient surgery center in Odenton!  In the following years I would scour Yelp and the internet looking for hidden food treasures in the area.  Most days I admittedly ate McDonalds for breakfast and/or Subway for lunch, but a few months ago our office manager asked me if I had been to Brown Box Eatery.  Coincidentally, the same day one of our patients began talking to us about Brown Box Eatery too!  How could I have let this oversight occur, I thought!  I soon found out that Brown Box Eatery was brand new, and literally across the street (almost) from where we were.  So the first chance I got I stopped in to order a dozen donuts to go.  Like many other places I was expecting to pick from a variety of pre-made donuts behind a glass case.

Brown Box Eatery 01But Brown Box makes your orders fresh!  With input from the staff I made my selection.  Since they were fresh they were also hot, with glaze dripping and steam steaming.  The chocolatey goo smeared my fingers in the car.  So the next chance I got, I brought back my camera for some proper pictures.

Strawberry Shortcake, Maple Bacon, Oreo Cookie Brown Box Eatery 03French Toast, Heathbar Crunch, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Brown Box Eatery 05Different views because, you know, pictures.Brown Box Eatery 04

So I know Brown Box has other food too, and by the reviews it is all delicious.

But, donuts.

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