Woodberry Kitchen

I was literally freezing my face off.  The wind was so strong as we walked, hand in hand that I could barely keep my eyes open.  My face felt like it was freezing, like it was about to stretch or crack.  We had just dropped the worn Corolla off at the fancy valet spot across the way, which was protected by several (two or three!) heat/fire pits and were hustling toward the industrial looking museum/barn in front of us.  But as soon as we walked in the wood warmth embraced us, the excited chatter filled the air and the smell of fire and food came over us.  It was my wife’s birthday, and I was shocked I was able to get reservations for Valentine’s weekend.  My brother and his wife had given us a gift card for Christmas (yes, I’m very late writing this) and we had been waiting for a good time to use it.  And true to the hype, Woodberry Kitchen really is that good.

Woodberry Kitchen 02Woodberry Kitchen 01

As we were seated, one of the servers passed us with a huge ice cream sundae.  So of course we ordered that first.  As it was brunch, we also decided to try some of Woodberry Kitchen‘s farm-to-table classics.  The Morning Flatbread was truly amazing, with a thin but savory crust covered with sausage, ham, buttered potatoes and farm egg.  It was like a breakfast pizza from an imaginary countryside with sunshine baked inside.  Woodberry Kitchen 04

Jen ordered the Stirred Eggs with skillet potatoes, shallots, kale, cheddar and toast.Woodberry Kitchen 05

I also (because I’m a fatty) ordered the Chesapeake Oyster ‘Po BoyWoodberry Kitchen 03And of course, our Hot Fudge Sundae with toasted marshmallow and walnuts.Woodberry Kitchen 06

We honestly had a great experience, topped off with incredible food.  Best of all, I had amazing company. Woodberry Kitchen 07


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