Fells Point Farmers Market

I had just worked all night, and the fog of my mind matched the still grey overcast morning.  I parked quickly and hurried to the ATM.  It was early, but the market was already bustling.  Like many farmers markets, the aroma of food filled my nose and the sounds of chatter and childrens’ laughing mixed with the early sounds of industry and water nearby.  It is Baltimore’s only waterfront farmers market, and I had waited eagerly all night to find her here.  I searched through the crowd, stepping out of the way of carts and wagons, walking briskly.  As the sparse crowd parted, I saw her.  Straight out of Instagram, I finally saw the Cream Cruiser.  Then, Diablo Donuts!  Ekiben!  Zeke’s Coffee!  Chile Comapeno!

Fells Point Farmers Market continues a legacy started 300 years ago, when stalls at Baltimore’s original farmers market sold their goods, stall numbers etched into the ground of Broadway Square.  Now, every Saturday morning in this historic Fells Point, you can still find fresh produce, hot foods and an Instagram feed’s worth of modernized fusion.

Fells Point Farmers Market 11Fells Point Farmers Market 12Fells Point Farmers Market 01Fells Point Farmers Market 02Fells Point Farmers Market 03Fells Point Farmers Market 10Fells Point Farmers Market 07Fells Point Farmers Market 08Fells Point Farmers Market 06Fells Point Farmers Market 05Chile Comapeno 03Fells Point Farmers Market 09Fells Point Farmers Market 04

One thought on “Fells Point Farmers Market

  1. Everything looks so delicious. I’ll have to check the market out next time I work a Friday night! -Amanda

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