Sobo Cafe

I wasn’t sure what to expect. We were meeting my wife’s cousin and her kids from out of town, and they were vegetarian. My wife, ever considerate and conscientious found a breakfast place that had vegan selections downtown, and texted us the name and address. “Sobo” I thought, picturing the hippyish co-op that was so popular in college, with soy and beans and natural juices and no familiar smells of grilled meat. We parked close by and made our way inside, by that time the last ones to our brunch before the zoo. My brother and his wife had joined us already, and had just gotten their plates.

It was like reuniting with a long lost close friend, as I saw her breakfast sandwich stuffed with egg and sausage and ham. There were plates of bacon on the table. Just bacon! And real! And after sitting down, and asking the waiter his own recommendation he said without missing a beat, “biscuits and chipped beef gravy.” It was amazing and I was grateful. So for a great breakfast spot downtown with both vegan as well as meat loving selections, check out Sobo Café.
Sobo Cafe 01Sobo Cafe 06Sobo Cafe 05Sobo Cafe 04Sobo Cafe 02

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