Baltimore Farmers Market & Bazaar

Sometimes referred to as the Downtown Farmers Market or the JFX Farmers Market, the Baltimore Farmers Market & Bazaar is the largest weekly event of it’s kind in the city.  There are TONS of great food, produce, craft and product vendors here.  There is a wide variety of both fresh fruits and vegetables, newly baked pastries and grilled, fried or baked on the spot Sunday morning meals.  While definitely not exhaustive, some of the most popular stands tend to be the freshly made mini-donuts, sweet and savory crepes, Indian food, Thai food, BBQ, Pit Beef, omelets and coffee.

I took two of our kids there this past weekend while my wife was at work with our other son, and brought my parents along with us.  Right away they were surprised to see such a busy and vibrant event, and impressed with how vast the selection was.  The Farmers Market takes place literally underneath the Jones Falls Expressway (JFX) so driving from above it could be completely hidden from view.  Since it was a Sunday morning, our first stop was at Baltimore’s iconic Zeke’s Coffee.

We picked up some pastries from Uptown Bakers to go as well, including a huge and delicious Black Bottom muffin.  As we ate and walked we passed the many freshly picked fruits, vegetables and flowers directly from the area’s local farms.

Mini hot pepper plants, and red AND green bell peppers!



We even passed a portable brick oven and of course the Market’s 30 year veterans and anchor for Pit Beef, Beef Barons.




My personal favorite is Blacksauce Kitchen, serving delicious buttermilk biscuits and various breakfast takes on them, such as biscuits and gravy, breakfast sandwiches, roasted vegetables and unique teas.  This week was a smoked pork loin with pepper relish biscuit sandwich.


Before we left I also picked up some of the largest, sweetest White Peaches I’ve ever had.  California has some incredible fruit and produce, but it was a pleasant surprise to find peaches here that were just as, if not more juicy and succulent.

This is not only my favorite Farmers Market in the city, it is one of my favorite places in Baltimore, period!  If you’re around and awake on Sunday mornings and looking for fresh fruit, awesome foodie finds or just want a nice location to walk around and grab a quick bite to eat, be sure to check out the Baltimore Farmers Market & Bazaar.

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One thought on “Baltimore Farmers Market & Bazaar

  1. Enjoyed every minute of it! Fingerling potatoes & tomatoes of every color, even purple ones! Can’t wait for the white sweet potatoes next week!

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