Broadway Market

Broadway Market was one of the first of Baltimore’s public markets that I visited once I decided to visit and photograph them for this site.  It is also currently the smallest, with a great deal of the Fells Point location undergoing renovation.  With it being so small I only took a few pictures, and being the perfectionist that I am when I looked at them at home I wasn’t very happy with what I had.




This purpose if you will, of this blog is to highlight and showcase Baltimore’s unique and everyday food culture with as lush and gorgeous imagery as I can provide.  I intentionally refrain from using my iPhone pictures (as tempting as it is) and despite the often unwanted attention I receive from carrying a DSLR to some of the city’s finest establishments, in my opinion it is worth it.  I was listening to a Juan Epstein podcast today wherein Ghostface Killah talked about how he himself paid money even at a loss to clear songs or samples, only because he genuinely wanted his fans to be able to hear his work as he intended it.

So with that tangent said and out of the way, here is Broadway Market.  I visited on a rainy winter morning a few months ago after leaving Mercy Hospital following a 12 hour night shift.  I was supposed to meet Jen and the kids at Kennedy Krieger for one of William’s appointments and I had about an hour to kill.  As it was a rainy morning, of course everyone stared at me, the Asian man in scrubs clutching his camera like I was protecting my baby kitten from the rain.

There were only Joanne’s Kitchen and Vicki’s Diner open at that time, and I decided to sit at the polished counter of the latter.  When I asked Vicki what she would recommend she immediately replied “The Big and Busty”.  So here it is.  The Big and Busty and Broadway Market.

Broadway Market 13

Broadway Market 11

Broadway Market 10

Broadway Market 8

Broadway Market 7

Broadway Market 6

Broadway Market 3

Broadway Market 4

Broadway Market 9

Broadway Market 12

Broadway Market 5

Broadway Market 2

Broadway Market 1

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