Ocean City, MD

When I moved our family back here to Baltimore almost two years ago, I promised myself I would take them to two of my favorite places.  I’m very thankful to say my own parents took my brothers and I to some spectacular places and destinations, but one of my very favorite places in the world was somewhere we went every summer.

Ocean City

Ocean City 08

I realize as I post this that I did not take any pictures of the ocean, however this is The Baltimore Food Chronicle so there were plenty of pictures of food.  And of course, plenty of eating (although no pictures of gluttony).

Ocean City 03

When Marylanders say they’re “Goin’ Downy Oshun” they pretty much mean Ocean City (although more and more they are including surrounding beaches such as Bethany and Dewey), and when we say Ocean City we pretty much mean The Boardwalk.

Ocean City 04


Ocean City 05

Ocean City 07


Well it took almost two years, and because of our schedules our trip was only really one night so we tried to hit as many nostalgic classics as we could.  Our first stop was The Dough Roller, known for their pancakes and pizza.

Ocean City 02

Dough Roller "Original"
Dough Roller “Original”

We went to the beach, then pretty much headed to the Boardwalk for more eating and fun (eating = fun).  On our way to eat, I also thought it would be a good idea to eat so we stopped at the first Thrasher’s Fries we came upon.

Ocean City 03

When we got down to end end/beginning of The Boardwalk we had a wonderful seafood dinner and then began our sweet/salty orgy.  We got caramel corn from Fisher’s Popcorn.

Ocean City 12

Ocean City 13

Ocean City 14

We also went to Dumser’s to try their soft serve AND Kohr’s for their Frozen Custard.

Ocean City 17

Ocean City 18

Ocean City 15

Ocean City 16


In a state of induced coma we fell asleep (back at our hotel), and after church the next morning came BACK to finish the job.  We got whipped fudge from Jessica’s.

Ocean City 10


We also got donuts from The Fractured Prune.

Ocean City 06

Ocean City 25

Ocean City 26
OC Sand (glaze, cinnamon, sugar) and Strawberry Shortcake

And my wife Jennifer wanted to try the Old Bay Dog from Boog’s.

Ocean City 22


And normally my wife, who doesn’t even eat/like french fries wanted more of the Thrasher’s fries she loved so much the night before so we went next door and ate them at Boog’s!

Ocean City 20

Ocean City 21


We ended the trip by taking some salt water taffy home from The Candy Kitchen, and made a mental note of what more we could explore next time!

Ocean City 24

Ocean City 23



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