Luigi’s Italian Deli

I don’t know when it happened but sometime living in LA I became obsessed with sandwiches.  Probably because Southern California is the birthplace of modern fast food, and it is a car culture complete with ridiculous traffic.  Stacks on stacks of traffic.  So in the near decade living there I ate quite a bit in my car.  Often in traffic.

Now that I am back home, I’m happy to live a life much more relieved of the threat of carpocalypse but I still do love sandwiches.  Thankfully for Yelp, I am able to find or rediscover some of the best Baltimore has to offer and Luigi’s doesn’t disappoint.  Seated right in the Hampden neighborhood, Luigi’s Italian Deli specializes in both hot and cold Italian subs. The kitchen area is open so you can watch them prepare your food right after you order.  The inside is nice and homey.  The outside is colorfully decorated.  It was a beautiful, sunny but breezy day.
Luigi's 02 Luigi's 06 Luigi's 03 Luigi's 05 Luigi's 04 Luigi's 01

I thought it would be appropriate to get the Italian Cold Cut.  The bread was crunchy on the outside and soft inside.  The savoriness of the meat was complimented by the cool crisp greens and tomatoes.  It was very fresh.  And I ate it in my car.

Luigi's 09

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