Epic Adventures in January

Last year when I started this blog my purpose was very general and fairly non-specific.  I wanted to showcase Baltimore food culture and in the process write about moving back home with my family.  I have been immeasurably blessed to have begun something far more than just that.

While many of the posts are straightforward, colorful pictures of mouth watering local cuisine, I have developed a true appreciation for the depth and breadth of Baltimore food.  I have been introduced to the peaks and valleys of the city, learned about it’s history and people, reanimated memories of my loved ones and continue still to make more with my kids.

Last week I worked several 12-hour night shifts in a row, with anywhere between one to three hours of sleep in each 24-hour period.  I think between Sunday night and Thursday night I had only seven hours of shut-eye.  So Thursday, Hope and I set out and began to take advantage of the few days off that I had.  And even though I will be writing posts on each of these places individually, Thursday started with enough travel starting from Dundalk to Parkville to Baltimore City and enough pictures for four new posts!  Friday we were at it again from West Baltimore to Jonestown with another two posts to add or edit.  With these two days I completed our visits of ALL SIX of Baltimore’s historic public markets, and finally got my fill from all three deli’s on Corned Beef Row.  Here is just a glimpse of what we found.

Hermans 1

Hermans 3

Hermans 5

Hermans 7

Hermans 9

Hermans 10

Hermans 13

Hermans 15

Fenwick Bakery 1

Fenwick Bakery 3

Fenwick Bakery 5

Wockenfuss 6

Wockenfuss 5

Wockenfuss 4

Kocos 05

Kocos 02


Hollins Market 19

Hollins Market 14

Hollins Market 11

Hollins Market 06

Hollins Market 05

Hollins Market 03

Hollins 08

Hollins Market 02

Weiss 3

Weiss 1

Poe 1

William 2

William 1

We spent a decent block of time however, searching for Baltimore’s arabbers with no luck.  So for any of the followers of this blog I ask of you your help!  Does anyone know where I can find these men or their horses?  Routes, regular stops or meeting places would be helpful!


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