Books, Art and Pie

Got off work early today, and curious after my friend Liza told me how beautiful the Enoch Pratt Free Library is I decided to visit since I was already close by!

Enoch Pratt 01

Enoch Pratt 04

Enoch Pratt 03

Enoch Pratt 02

On my way there I realized just how close I was to the Peabody Library as well so I went in to capture a few more pictures.  Amazing.

Peabody 02

Peabody 01

And since I was walking around Mt. Vernon anyway I took some pictures around the Washington Monument and stopped in the Walters Art Gallery.

Washington Monument 1

Walters 06

Walters 05

Walters 04

Walters 03

Walters 02

Walters 01

I thought about heading home, but didn’t feel right leaving the city without getting some food pictures for the blog!  So I visited Dangerously Delicious Pies in Canton (dedicated post coming soon) and picked up a few slices of sweet and savory pies with Chelsea’s help.  Thanks Chelsea!

Dangerous 14

Dangerous 13

Dangerous 12

Dangerous 07

Dangerous 03

Dangerous 05

Dangerous 02


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