Thames Street Oyster House

My wife eats raw oysters.  Now this may not be a big deal for native Marylanders, who are known for eating raw oysters but my wife is not a native Marylander.  She doesn’t eat any sushi that’s not fully cooked (although last year she did have a taste of my Spicy Tuna Roll), she won’t take a bite of any steak that isn’t completely well done and she is skeptical of the reddish color on the outer edges of Rotisserie chicken even though the color comes from the spice rub, and is definitely the most cooked part of the meat.  But she eats raw oysters.

So last night, in lieu of a semi-formal that we had previously committed to but ended up being cancelled (due to a carbon monoxide leak!) we ventured down to Fells Point for a belated birthday/Valentine’s Day dinner.  We were in the mood for seafood, and for some reason I was willing to try eating oysters.  Any kind.  I had never had one oyster in my mouth that wasn’t flavored into a cracker, much less a slimy, salty raw one.  But I trusted my wife.  After all, if she liked them how could I not give them a try?  So we did, at Thames Street Oyster House.

Thames Street Oyster House 04

Thames Street Oyster House 03

Thankfully Sean, our waiter last night was extremely patient and gave us a stellar introduction to raw oysters.  He explained where they were from, the differences from coast to coast, taste and texture and gave us some great recommendations to start out with.

Thames Street Oyster House 06

From there on out the service and food was excellent.  We tried the Prince Edward Island Mussels in a garlic butter broth, alongside their house french fries with homemade ketchup.  Jen got the scallops and I ordered the clam soup and seafood salad.  All delicious!  If you are feeling adventurous, love raw oysters or just want a unique seafood experience downtown, I cannot speak highly enough of Thames Street Oyster House.

Thames Street Oyster House 05

Thames Street Oyster House 07

Thames Street Oyster House 08

Thames Street Oyster House 09

Thames Street Oyster House 01

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