Koco’s Pub

Koco’s crabcakes are the biggest balls of crab I have ever had.  The server the other day told me to think of a “softball” vs. a “baseball.”  All I can remember is a gigantic snowball made of jumbo lump steamed Blue Crabs.  It also happens to be one of my favorite crabcakes ever.

Kocos 06

Kocos 05

Kocos 04

Hope and I visited here one day during one of our epic Baltimore adventures.  I think it was the day we stopped by quite a few places down Harford Road as well as Herman’s in Dundalk.  Parking isn’t great, so we trekked along snowy sidewalks after parking a block or two away to the colorful pub.  It had been many years since I had tasted those juicy and sweaty balls (of crab), so I was definitely excited to experience the explosion (of flavor) into my mouth.

Kocos 01


Kocos 03

Kocos 07

Weighing in at 11oz (the softball) or alternately 5oz (the baseball), Koco’s crabcakes are all shaped by hand by the mother and daughter team.  There is almost no filler.  I do not know how they get all that crab meat to stay formed with such little else, but my tummy, heart and soul are so thankful for the crab ball behemoths I have had the extreme privilege of experiencing.

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