Wockenfuss Candies

Every Easter, my mom used to dress us up in our Sunday best and after church we would go and visit our Nana and Papa.  Three little Filipino boys dressed in pastel suits, with their fair skinned and white haired Irish and German grandparents spent Easter afternoons eating hand colored hard boiled eggs, jelly beans and Wockenfuss chocolate covered eggs.
One of Baltimore’s many great chocolatiers for almost 100 years, Wockenfuss was for me the original source of chocolate covered caramels, nuts and creams.  Every Easter my Nana would put in her order for chocolate covered eggs (peanut butter, chocolate cream, coconut, etc.) and every Christmas Aunt Gwynn would bring an assortment of chocolate covered nuts and creams over to Nana and Papa’s place.  Aunt Gwynn used to work at Wockenfuss and I half expected to see her when Hope and I visited the Harford Road location a few weeks ago.
Wockenfuss 1
Wockenfuss 6

I actually had never been inside this location until then.  Their selection and decoration (particularly on their truffles) was beautiful and impressive!  I honestly felt like a kid in a candy store!  I didn’t realize just how many local gourmet quality chocolatiers Baltimore has until very recently, in part due to the Baltimore Magazine article highlighting our town’s sources of sweets.

Wockenfuss 2

Wockenfuss 3

Wockenfuss 5

Wockenfuss 4

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