Sugarbakers Cakes

A few months back I came across this gallery of 50 Things Baltimore Foodies Must Try, and although I do not label myself a “foodie” I definitely used it as a guide for foods and places to visit, write about and take pictures of.  Just a few weeks ago it was my wife’s birthday, and being a decent baker but not nearly as great as she is at creating cakes I decided to consult my source of culinary treasures, the internet.  Lo and behold, I came across a sight that I had seen before but not fully registered.  Smith Island Cake.  Is this a Baltimore thing?  Is Smith Island in Maryland?  So I turned to another trusted source.  Wikipedia.  And I found THIS.

The official desert of the State of Maryland?  Obscenely thin slices of yellow cake interspersed with chocolate fudge?  And “filled with creme, frosting and/or crushed candy bars”???  Birthday cake idea conceived!  But Internet also said to eat Smith Island Cake if only from Sugarbakers.  And this is how the story goes.  Drove to Sugarbakers.  Took pictures of drool worthy treats.  Hid cake at home.  Surprised Jen with tower of cake.  Ate cake.  Lots.

Sugarbakers 06

Sugarbakers 05

Sugarbakers 04

Sugarbakers 03

Sugarbakers 02

Sugarbakers 01

Jen said no more cake.

More pics from the store.

Sugarbakers 03 Sugarbakers 01 Sugarbakers 02

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