Pappas Restaurant

My fork took a huge piece of the massive cake in front of me, dripping with hot broiled lumps of sweet crab.  I really wanted to close my eyes and savor it like Ylvis does in the Massachusetts video, but I thought that might be too much.  The video however at the 0:53 second mark is how I looked in my mind.

And despite my best efforts to look casual, I couldn’t help the overwhelming grin that took over my face.  That sheepy grin, it only happens sometimes but almost always with food, and Pappas crab cakes are one of those ways.

Pappas 03


A few years ago now when we first moved back to Baltimore, I was having a discussion on crab cakes with some of my co-workers, many of whom have lived in Baltimore their whole lives.  I have always professed to be a diehard Coco’s fan, with Faidley’s coming in right next to it but another nurse enthusiastically recommended Pappas.  Several times since then I’ve driven past some of their locations but just never ended up stopping in.  Well, a few months back a new Pappas opened up in Cockeysville very close to our home and when I found myself craving crab cakes but not wanting to go downtown or out to Harford Road, I thought I’d give them a try.

Pappas 04


I was impressed with how big their crab cakes are, and thrilled with the size of their crab meat lumps!  Their crab cake platter comes with two sides, and as a traditionalist I always choose french fries and cole slaw, both of which are great.  They also serve them with cocktail and tartar sauce, both of which are excellent as well.  You can order the platter to go, or eat in and it comes with soup.

Pappas 02Pappas 05


I also was not aware until just now that you can order a 10 OUNCE crab cake called the Colossal Courage Crab Cake!!!  Another co-worker recently told me that you can also buy the crab cake mix awesomely called a Bucket of Balls so you can just scoop out whatever size you want and broil them yourself in the convenience of your own home.  I would love to hear someone order a Bucket of Balls.

I can’t bear to push Coco’s or Faidleys off of my pedestal, so three’s company will have to do.

Pappas 01


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