Clark Burger

Shortly after moving out to Southern California, I resumed my work in student affairs at a university in Los Angeles.  Within a few months I had become friends with several seniors there, who schooled me on West Coast life: music, food, clothing, etc.  East Coast vs. West Coast rap, Clark Wallabees and Roscoe’s Fried Chicken were constantly in conversation and so one day a small group of our staff (full time and student staff) took a trip to the infamous Roscoe’s in downtown LA.  After ordering our obligatory chicken and waffles, I asked the waitress for an order of “fries with gravy.”  Now, out here gravy fries ain’t no big thang.  But you should have seen these boys’ faces, and the slow, hushed echo of “graaavy friiiies” that blurred between questioning and awe.  I never knew what happened to those young men after they graduated.  Hopefully, somewhere out there they are enjoying some fries with gravy, proof that my time in higher education made a difference.

I had no idea that gravy fries, especially the variety with cheese (!) also known as Poutine existed in the world, and of all places Canada.  So when Yelp showed me that an authentic Poutine (gravy fries plus cheese) existed right on Charles Street, I was there the next day.

Clark Burger 05

Located next to the Senator Theatre, Clark Burger serves up some of the best Poutine anywhere.  I heard they have pretty great burgers too, but I actually just came from eating lunch from somewhere else so all I had room for was the fries.  And as someone who has ingested quite a lot of gravy fries in my life, take it from me they were pretty awesome.

Clark Burger 04 Clark Burger 01 Clark Burger 02


Clark Burger 03

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