Chick and Ruth’s Delly

As I’ve said before, this blog is a direct result of watching shows like Adam Richman’s Man vs. Food on the Travel Channel.  On one of his early episodes Adam visits Washington DC, and amongst visiting our nation’s capital, seeing the sites and tasting the offerings of our neighbors closeby he also makes a trip to nearby Annapolis.

At Chick and Ruth’s he partakes in their amazing “6 Pound Milk Shake” Colossal Shake Challenge.  Inspired by his visit, Chick and Ruth’s now offers a Man vs. Food Challenge, consisting of a six pound shake AND a pound and a half sandwich challenge, OR colossal reuben sandwich OR a colossal burger.  They also offer a three pound sandwich or three pound burger challenge in addition to many of their wonderful crab cakes, sandwiches, breads, pies and even chocolate topped cookies.

Chick and Ruth 04Chick and Ruth 05Chick and Ruth 06Chick and Ruth's 03

We settled on a few selections including “The Chick & Ruth”, corned beef with cole slaw with Russian dressing on Rye, and the 8 oz Jumbo Lump Crab Cake!  All of the food was incredible.  Visiting Annapolis with the kids, walking by the water and seeing the sites (including a pretty good comic book shop) and grabbing lunch at Chick and Ruth’s made a great day out.

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