Double T Diner

Like so many Baltimore foods that I did not miss until moving away (Pit Beef, Chocolate Tops/Berger Cookies, Shrimp Salad), I never realized just how large a part diners played in my food memory.  Whether it was late nights at Towson Diner, family lunches after church at The Nautilus or even random diner stops with the family during trips or vacations, diners are inextricably tied to the fabric of the Baltimore Food Chronicle’s (my) palate.  Baltimore’s Hollywood Diner was even featured in 1982’s “Diner” with Mickey Rourke, Kevin Bacon and Steve Guttenberg.

The Double T Restaurant may be one of our area’s most well known.  Since the 50’s and expanding to eight locations, Double T is certainly one of the most recognized.  Known for their breakfasts, my family and I recently visited the location off of Route 40 after a blessed morning of worship down the street.

Double T 01

Since developing an addictive affinity for Greek gyros from Marathon Deli in College Park, gyros have now become one of my bench markers for the commonly Greek owned diners in the area.  Double T’s was on the money.

Double T 02

Not unusual either is liver and onions, which is not in my typical scope of selection but thankfully is something that my dad loves!

Double T 03Double T 04

Double T also has an impressive selection of cakes and desserts both on in a cake case as well as up at the front counter.

Double T 05

Whether for a quick bite to eat, a meeting over breakfast and coffee or a family gathering on a Sunday afternoon, The Double T is a favorite for those in the area.


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